Sometimes, things are wrong. At one point they may have been alright, and are now considered wrong, or, they always have been and ever will be just plain wrong. Oft times, these wrong things are also funny.

With that in mind, this endeavour features two main strands: the "Shelf of Shame" (books) and the "Screen of Shame" (film) and smaller strands such as "Sound of Shame" (vinyl) and "Miscellany of Shame" (various) - each showcasing items from my personal collection of bibliographic and cinematic oddities and curios.

Deemed shame-worthy according to varying criteria of wrongness, these humourous, surprising, and occasionally instructive items are therefore posted here for your perusal, amusement and edification. Enjoy.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shelf of Shame #5


Marion Greene. 1959: Macmillan: Toronto. 8vo. pp.152. Illustrations by Vernon Mould. Blue boards w. red titles to spine. Dj.

You'd like to think that a high-school library would pay some attention to the placement of their bar-code stickers. Whether or not it was simply "one of those days" or an all-out freudian manifestation we shall never know - but be it careless or deliberate, my gratitude goes out to this long-lost libertine-longing librarian.

I realize I haven't posted anything in a long, long time - but this little gem absolutely made my day, and I hope it is the catalyst to get me back on track again.

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