Sometimes, things are wrong. At one point they may have been alright, and are now considered wrong, or, they always have been and ever will be just plain wrong. Oft times, these wrong things are also funny.

With that in mind, this endeavour features two main strands: the "Shelf of Shame" (books) and the "Screen of Shame" (film) and smaller strands such as "Sound of Shame" (vinyl) and "Miscellany of Shame" (various) - each showcasing items from my personal collection of bibliographic and cinematic oddities and curios.

Deemed shame-worthy according to varying criteria of wrongness, these humourous, surprising, and occasionally instructive items are therefore posted here for your perusal, amusement and edification. Enjoy.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Miscellany of Shame #2

Caribbean Traditions: Cock Flavoured Seasoning
{company name blacked out}

Ok, I don't really need to say anything about this one, do I...? Well, I will anyway. This litle jar of joy was a recent birthday gift from Bet & Bry, who knew the very moment they saw it for sale in a store that it belonged on a certain Shelf of mine.

I cannot help but feel that this item represents a complete lack of due care and attention at the most fundamental product level... What the hell happened in the company boardroom that day...?

"Nice presentation there, Richard - but, um, just one question... Cock Flavoured?? Are you really sure about that one?"

"Well Percy, I'm glad you asked that. Current market research shows that all our rivals have a chicken flavoured seasoning - and that does represent some stiff competition. We need to stand firm with a name that will rise above the rest. Maybe Rod could speak to the branding process..."

"Sure Dick, I'd be glad to. Let me just say that it was long and hard, but our guys in the department were determined to beat it. Our hands-on approach worked, and in a single stroke it came, hit us in the face really.
The taste of chicken is common - nobody gets excited about that. But cock, in the other hand, is exotic. We're confident people will go down, to the shop, and get a load."

"That's right, Rod. You see, Percy, we're on the tip of something big here. We think it's a winner, no matter which way you rub it. There's a big hole in the marketplace. You can tell our shareholders with confidence that this company will stand firm, and fill that void."

"Well, when you put it like that..."

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